Frequently Asked Questions

How many athletes will you be taking on your team this year?  


What skills will be needed to make the team?

Players must not be brand new to the sport. If they are, they will be expected to know how to hit the tennis basics very well.  

Players must be able to serve 8/10 in the box.  Preference given to those who can add spin and accurately place their ball into the service box.  

Additionally, players should have experience playing matches.  Players should know how to execute a deep forehand and a deep backhand.  Slice, spin, drop shots are all going to help your chances on making it to this year's 2024 tennis team.  

Will there be tryouts?


My family wants to go away on vacation during tennis season.  I am a very good player.  What should I do?

Ask your parents to take this vacation another time so that you receive the time you worked hard for all year, the time to play matches and not get bumped by another player who can play during the entire season.